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5 Features to Look for in a Small Business CRM

02 Nov 2018

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software becomes the center of many businesses if properly integrated. A small business CRM could be the key piece your business could be lacking to achieve a higher sales conversion rate.

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Best Practices to Mix Outsourcing with Agile

02 Oct 2018

Any good software consulting firm should know how to mix outsourcing with Agile practices. In order to optimize this effort you should begin by minimizing risks with a hybrid Agile approach, organize your work in specific ways, have a streamline change management process, and modify QA methods within your organization.

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How to Use a CRM as a Growth Strategy for Your Business

20 Sep 2018

A CRM is like any other business tool where it is only as effective as how it is used. When used properly, a CRM can help each of your sales team members increase their sales by 40%.

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Agile Scrum Methodologies for Software Development Projects

05 Sep 2018

There are many scrum methodologies under a giant agile umbrella. These methodologies all share the same philosophy and practices. In this post we explore some of the more popular agile software development methodologies.

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How Can a CRM Boost Your Sales?

02 Jun 2018

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool can become the most invaluable tool you can add to your business. The right CRM can help you close deals, boost sales margins, and help you enhance the accuracy of your forecasts.

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Ethereum Gas Explained in Plain English

28 May 2018

In this post I will try to explain one of the most confusing aspects of Ethereum — gas. You have probably heard about it but most likely, it did not make much sense to you.

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Asset Tokenization on Blockchain Explained in Plain English

12 May 2018

Asset tokenization on Blockchain is a steady trend of 2018. It seems that everything is being tokenized on Blockchain from paintings, diamonds and company stocks to real estate.

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