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Adding Trendlines to Existing Charts in Chart.js

Adding Trendlines to Existing Charts in Chart.js

08 Mar 2019

Chart.js is a simple yet powerful library for creating charts in Javascript. Unfortunately, it does not provide support for trendlines out of the box. In this post we discuss a plug-in that adds support of trendlines to your Chart.js charts without writing a single line of code.

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String Functions in Go – Part 1

15 Feb 2018

In this post we will review some of the most important string functions in Go. After reading this post, you will be using Go’s string functions like a pro.

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Top Five Programming Languages To Learn

31 Jan 2018

I often get asked by aspiring programmers (and more often by their parents) what programming languages they should learn. You may think that learning programming languages is a matter of taste. However, that’s very far from being true. I will bring just two arguments.

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