How to Inspire Employees for Increased Productivity

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How to Inspire Employees for Increased Productivity

How to Inspire Employees for Increased Productivity

Business 05 May 2019

Inspiring employees can be challenging, especially when it is evident that your workers require increased productivity. There may be seasons of your business where you notice employees need to step it up a notch - but how do you get them to do so? Check out these four main methods to inspiring your employees and increasing productivity within your company.

Lead by Example

This may sound like a tough pill to swallow, but your team can never fully execute the results you want without seeing the expectations firsthand. Inspire your employees to become more productive through leading by example so that they can view how to do their jobs properly. Your management style sets the tone for everyone else, which means it’s critical for you to show how much you care about working - hopefully, more than anyone else. Laziness is just as contagious as stamina, so always be aware of the fuel you’re giving to your employees.

Celebrate Successes

Perhaps the reason for the lack of productivity from your employees is due to a meager recognition program. When there is no reward system in place for their successes, why would they be motivated to increase productivity? Employees love to be recognized for their hard work.

Celebrating their performances doesn’t have to be time-intensive or costly, though. Send them an email or personalized note detailing your appreciation. Have small gift prizes available as a reward. If employees succeed as a collective group, throw a budget-friendly party. Any type of recognition, big or small, can go a long way. Those who feel appreciated will always do more than expected.

Establish Better Communication

Do your employees know you as just a name behind an email address? You may not need to stop communication that uses technology, but engaging in personal interactions with each employee could be extremely beneficial. This way, everyone can put a face to your name and view firsthand how you express information. People are generally much more motivated when they see consequences for their actions right in front of them.

When you do speak face-to-face, give your expectations for their job performance directly. Ask them why they are struggling or what you can do to promote a better work environment. Actively listen to their concerns, and try to resolve their problems whenever possible. Also, be transparent about challenges you might be facing yourself as a manager. Basically, develop a more straightforward system of communication between yourself and your employees in order to create an open and honest platform at all times.

Provide Growth Opportunities

Continual learning is an essential part of growth in business, both for individual employees and your company as a whole. Treat your employees to additional training, classes, or other forms of education so that they feel like you have a vested interest in their role in your business. While this may cost time and resources up front, you’ll be rewarded in dividends simply based on your employees’ sharpened performances and renewed morale.