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How to Design a Winning ICO Landing Page

How to Design a Winning ICO Landing Page

Blockchain 22 Apr 2018

If you are reading this post, most likely you already know what an ICO is. Moreover, you are probably planning to do one. Designing a highly efficient one-pager for your ICO might be tricky. On the one hand, ICOs have not been around for long. So, there is no hard evidence on what works and what not. On the other hand, there is not one-size fits all solution.

When people invest as a part of an ICO, in majority of cases they invest in non-existing products and projects. So how do people decide which ICO can be good and which can have potential problems? Larger investors normally dig into the Whitepaper. However, I do not believe that majority of smaller investors and public, ever read the whitepaper. Often, the landing page is the only criteria for small investors to like or dislike an ICO. Of course if you do not have a great idea and a strong team, no web page will save you from failure but with a poor landing page your ICO is certainly doomed for failure.

Landing pages are nothing new. Online marketers have been creating them for over a decade now. Can a regular landing page make it a good ICO page? I do not think so. Keep on reading to learn why this is so.

I have read dozens of whitepapers and analyzed even more ICO landing pages and single-page websites. My analysis shows that there is a certain structure that works better for ICO landing pages. There is a strong evidence that a good ICO landing page must have the following structure.

Project Mission

It is absolutely required that the ICO landing page contains the project mission. Normally it should be a part of the header. Placing the mission statement prominently is very important because it gives your visitors an immediate sense of their future investment. For many investors, especially for smaller ones, the mission statement is the only signal to buy your token or miss your ICO.

Project Mission - Source: CRYPTICS


The counter serves two purposes. Before the ICO starts, it shows how much time is left before start. During the process, it shows how much time is left before the ICO is closed.

Counter - Source: EXMO

All good ICOs maintain as many social media channels as possible. At a minimum you need to have a Twitter page and a Telegram channel. In the crypto space these are a must. I also recommend that you maintain a YouTube channel. Less important but nevertheless useful is to have LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

CTA Section

Never underestimate the power of a pre-sale. The CTA section is your attempt to get investors whitelist for the pre-sale.


Whitepaper, yellowpaper, deck – the more you have the better. But having a whitepaper is must. This section should link to whatever content is available for your ICO.

Project Details

If your visitor scrolls down to this section congratulations. It means that the most important first 20 seconds have been in your favor. Now as you have grabbed your visitor’s attention, it is time to further foster temptation by providing project details. This is especially important for those visitors who have not heard about your project before.

Token Sale Terms

This section includes pricing, details about total supply, how much will be retained by the project, etc. This section must provide a detailed instruction on how the tokens can be purchased. This is more important than you may think. You will not believe how much money is lost because users send funds to the wrong addresses or are not able to figure out how to pay for tokens.

Token Sale Terms - Source: OneLedger


The timeline section displays events related to your ICO in chronological order. The timeline should cover important milestones of your ICO. Normally the timeline also contains the roadmap for the project and its future development.

Timeline - Source: CRYPTICS


I cannot overemphasize important of this section. The team is a key element in every ICO. The team includes both the founders the advisors of the project. It is very important that you use professional headshots and photos. Whenever possible include links to LinkedIn profiles. It is a good signal that your team members are professionals.

Team - Source: EXMO

This section should cover all legal issues related to your project and business. You need to consult your legal advisor to prepare legal material.

Partners and Affiliates

No project can exist in an isolation. Successful projects and businesses require reliable partners. Include as many partners as possible. Show your investors who have been supporting your project. It does not matter how large or famous your partners are. What matters is that they are reliable and contribute to success of your project. This section also includes companies or individuals somehow affiliated with your project.


Success of your ICO will largely depend on the media coverage that you get. Include links to publications and articles on various websites. Make sure to include logos of relevant sources.

News Section

Communication is a key in every crowd-sourced project. Make sure to include links to news articles and posts.

Footers are standard. Normally a footer includes a copyright notice, disclaimers, and links to privacy policy section. Some jurisdictions require that you display a company registration number on your webpage. Footer is a good place to put such information.

Footer - Source:


I hope this post gives you a clear idea about structuring your ICO landing page. It is very important that you keep close to this structure and retain the order of sections as described above. At the same time, you should follow recommendations that apply to every webpage – do not use too many colors, use professional fonts, use high quality photos and pictures, check spelling and use good copy. Make sure your webpage loads fast and works across desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

While creating a successful ICO landing page is no rocket science, often it is better to let professionals handle that task so that you can concentrate on the core of your business. Get in touch with me to create your ICO landing page without breaking the bank.